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How to choose colloid mill

Colloid mills have a wide range of applications. Many friends don't know how to choose when they first come into contact with this product. The following multi-source machinery will teach you how to choose a colloidal mill.

1. The selection of colloid mill to pulverize thin materials should choose the circulating tube type, which can automatically process the materials repeatedly and facilitate the connection of upper and lower processes. The straight outlet type with scraper should be used for crushing viscous materials. High-hard teeth should be used for crushing hard materials. The high-hard tooth colloid mill adopts a special process method, and the tooth hardness can reach HV1300~1800. Ordinary architectural coatings and casting coatings can be crushed by a coating mill. The mill base of the coating mill is made of carbon steel, and the price of the coating mill is low. JM100 colloid mill should be used for processing fruit tea, beverage and other dilute soft materials. JM140 colloid mill has large processing flow.

Generally, dry grinding should choose a larger colloid mill with water cooling. If it is a water mill, the fluidity is relatively small, you should also choose a split colloidal mill above JM-80. The bigger the machine, the better the grinding effect.

Generally used for testing: JMs-50 colloid mill, without water cooling, not suitable for long time work.

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