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Colloid mill is used as a defoamer for environmentally friendly water-based coatings

Substitute water for organic solvents and synthetic resins for vegetable oils, which not only improves the performance of coatings and solves the hazards caused by solvent volatilization in coating construction, but also is safe, hygienic, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Therefore, water-based coating production technology has been Unprecedented attention and development.

    Since various additives (mostly surfactants) are inevitably used in the formulation, the foam problem of water-based coatings is extremely significant, so defoamers must be added. The most commonly used defoamers for water-based coatings are mainly mineral oil (may contain a small amount of organic silicon) and organic silicon. At present, most domestic water-based paint manufacturers use mineral oil defoamers, and their annual consumption is about 5000t. Most of the products are imported and expensive. In order to realize the high-quality localization of mineral oil defoamers and eventually replace foreign imported products, the author uses homemade additives to replace organic silicon components, reduces the amount of mineral oil, and further uses emulsification technology to successfully prepare defoamers suitable for water-based coatings. It provides a feasible production route for domestic manufacturers in the same industry.

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